Creative Writing 2


    How many times has someone greeted us with the words, “How’s it going?” or “What’s new?” and we simply respond with something like, “Pretty good” or “Not much?” This is because, in normal everyday conversation, we usually rely on small talk to get us through our interactions with others.

    But what about the times when small talk isn’t enough?

    What about the times when something happens in our life that is meaningful to the point that we need to get it onto the page so others can enjoy that meaning as well?

    This is what we do when we write a non-fictional story about our life: we dare to believe that our life is made up of events worth sharing. This curriculum will take the students through a basic step-by-step process of learning the underlying components of creating a non-fictional story based on events that have really happened to them. It will help them to craft their own short story by the end of the course.


    Completion of GetEdu Creative Writing Course CW001A or CW001B (or equivalent - subject to GetEdu’s evaluation)


    Fill out the course enrollment form first and make payment accordingly, too. Our customer success team will follow up within two business days upon receiving all the information and the payment.

    What to know about the course

    • Weekly live session for 1:1 and bi-weekly group session. Coach and student will have a 1:1 live session each week (for 20 minutes) and all students will attend a bi-weekly group discussion session (for 60 minutes), so that the coach can answer any questions and lead some live discussions to make sure each student is able to learn and grow his/her writing skills.
    • Assignments that build. Students have six assignments to complete throughout the semester. These assignment should be completed in order as each lesson and assignment builds to the next.
    • Feedback on assignments. Once the student has submitted an assignment, a GetEdu coach will respond within two business days with feedback.


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Creative Writing 2
Crafting A Personal Story
With Live Discussion

Class Info:

  • Term begin on: 4th week of January, March, May, July, September and Nov.
  • Developed by: Neil Gordon
  • Taught by: GetEdu coaching team
  • Course Code: CW002B
  • Price: $ 1100

Payment Info:

  • Mail a check (payable to "GetEdu, Inc") to:
    P. O. Box 61223, Palo Alto, CA 94303
  • PayPal $ 1100 to

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